The Videos below cover some useful photography tips.
There are numerous videos about cleaning sensors on YouTube but everyone I found was lacking in some way including this one. The value of this video is that it shows you how to lock up the mirror for cleaning.  He scared me when he showed a q-Tip but he only used it to clean the mirror.  NEVER TOUCH THE SENSOR WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN SPECIALLY DESIGNED SWABS.  The next video will show you how to use the swabs.

In this second video "Wet Cleaning" is demonstrated. The cleaning solution and swab size that you will need depends on your specific camera. The swab size is determined by the sensor height.  Any brand will have a chart to match swab size  and cleaning solution with your model of camera.  

After watching these videos it would be beneficial to read camera sensor cleaning.
A demonstration of Photoshops Content-Aware Move and Extend

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Photographing Fireworks

 How to manually Focus your lens to Infinity the RIGHT way