All of these images are in Sedona.  Though I may add images from other locales in the future, I am very much enjoying capturing the natural beauty of Sedona.


249 Sunset behind Cath Rk 

249 Sunset Behind Cathedral Rock

Everyday at sunset numerous photographers — professional and amateur alike — gather to the west of Cathedral Rock to capture the last light of day on this famous rock formation.  I chose to approach it from the east, creating a silhouette against the setting sun.


218 Sedona Sunrise

218 Sedona Sunrise

This was one of many photos taken on a cold February morning.  I was here about an hour before sunrise to be sure of getting the first light of the day.  When it eventually became clear that the sun wasn’t going to break through the clouds any time soon I finally gave up shooting for the day.  I wasn’t very happy with my results at first but was quite surprised and pleased by the effects that I was able to create using some artistic techniques in Photoshop.  The mist in the valley was not visible in the untouched photo.

243 Coffe Pot Rock & Friends

243 Coffee Pot Rock & Friends

Coffee Pot Rock is at the far left of this group.  From this point of perspective , the coffee pot shape is not at all apparent.  The view is from Soldiers Pass Trail near the Seven Pools.

250 Summer Storm 

250 Summer Storm in Jack's Canyon

There are several parking areas on Red Rock Loop Road where people go to take photos of Cathedral Rock and the other formations in the valley - especially at sunset.  This image was captured shortly before sunset.

244 Coffee Pot Rock B&W 

244 Coffee Pot Rock & Friends B&W

I generally don’t care for B&W photos but some landscapes lend themselves to the style.

247 Chapel Panorama 

247 Chapel Panorama

The Chapel of the Holy Cross has some great views as well as interesting architecture.  If you can enlarge this image you will see a reflection of the rocks behind the chapel as well as the view from inside the chapel.

239 Oak Creek Xing 

239 Oak Creek Crossing

This drive crosses Oak Creek just south of the Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon.  It leads to a private community.  This is also the subject of image 222 below.

233 Midgley Bridge Pano 

233 Midgley Bridge Panorama

As you leave Sedona going toward Flagstaff on Route 89A, you cross over Midgley Bridge.  There is a small parking lot at the Northern end of the bridge.  You can either hike one of the many trails that converge here or simply climb down to Oak Creek which passes under the bridge.  In either case there are many picturesque views like this one.

215 Bell Rock Panorama 

215 Bell Rock Panorama

This is the view from Bell Rock looking toward Airport Mesa.

219 West Sedona Pano 

219 West Sedona Panorama

Life in West Sedona is continuously enhanced by this magnificent view.  This scene was captured from Airport Mesa.  There is a very popular viewing area next to Sky Ranch Hotel were tourists and locals gather every evening to watch and record the sun set on these awe inspiring rocks.  The highest point is Capital Butte (also known as Thunder Mountain) and Coffee Pot Rock is on the far right of this group of Red Rocks.

Each gallery image on this site has a reference number as well as a name.  By referencing both the name and number, there is less chance of miscommunication - at least with the respect to the image of interest.

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