Route 89A runs through Oak Creek Canyon between Sedona and Flagstaff — a 28 mile trip.  Oak Creek Canyon is a beautiful place in general, but West Fork is the most popular stop along the way.  West Fork trail crosses Oak Creek 13 times and the scenery is unique.  Once you have visited West Fork, you will always be able to identyify images that were captured there.

1101 Crossing West Fork 

1101 Crossing West Fork

This is what you see the second time that you cross Oak Creek along the West Fork Trail.  The colors of the canyon wall  and reflections in the water make this one of my favorite spots along the trail.

1106 Call of the Canyon

1106 Call of the Canyon

The famous western writer Zane Gray had a cabin less than a quarter mile from this spot along the West Fork trail.  One of his most popular novels is "Call of the Canyon" and is set in this area in the early 1900's — before Arizona was even a state.  The park at West Fork is named "Call of the Canyon Park"

1107 Canyon Wall

1107 Canyon Wall

This image is a composite of 35 individual photos stitched together in Photoshop.  I did this in order to capture the detail in the rocks — bothe color and texture.  If this image were printed at full scale it would be 7 feet wide and four feet high.

1110 West Fork Wall 001

1110 Textured Wall

This is a closup of one portion of the previous photo.

1103 West Fork Crossing 

1103 Another Crossing

Another colorful view of the West Fork Trail.  This image is actually a very shady spot along the trail.  On this particular day it was extremely dark in most of this area except for a few bright spots.  The somewhat surreal look is the result of balancing the lighting in Photoshop.  The larger you can display it on your screen, the better it will look.

1105 WF Reflection 

1105 Reflections of West Fork

The water is always very still in this area and offers some beautiful reflections.  If your screen is large enough or you enlarge this image, you can see people crossing the creek slightly to the right and up from the center of the image.

1102 WF Call of the Canyon 

1102 Call of the Canyon Revisited

The image of 1206 with an artistic border.

1104 WF Overhang 

1104 West Fork Overhang

Another Point of Perspective.

Each gallery image on this site has a reference number as well as a name.  By referencing both the name and number, there is less chance of miscommunication - at least with the respect to the image of interest.

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