The American Southwest has numerous archeological sites that give us a glimpse into the lifestyle of the ancient cultures that once thrived in this area.  The images on this page are from the Mesa Verde a few miles west of Durango, Colorado.  I will be adding images from other sites in the near future.

500 Mesa Verde

500 Mesa Verde

This area is the primary focus of the guided tours through the ruins that occur at regular time intervals.  I have always been fascinated by the seven Kivas shown in this view.  What ceremonies took place here and what was it like to have that experience?

501 MV Mezz

501 Mesa Verde Mezzanine

How did they ever get up there?  Was this their idea of a penthouse apartment?

502 MV Wall

502 Mesa Verde Wall

This shows some pretty amazing masonry work.  Not only because the wall is still standing after so many years but notice in the lower right corner how the wall follows the curve of the massive wall of the cave.

503 MV Kiva

503 Mesa Verde Kiva

A close-up of one of the Kivas

504 MV Upper bKiva

504 Mesa Verde - Upper Kiva

Another Kiva close-up.

505 Cave Wall 

505 Mesa Verde Cave Wall

I find the coloring and texture of the cave wall in this photo to be interesting.


Each gallery image on this site has a reference number as well as a name.  By referencing both the name and number, there is less chance of miscommunication - at least with the respect to the image of interest.

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