Route 66 was once the main road through the Southwest and still remains a part of the history of Arizona and New Mexico.  There are restaurants and other attractions that cater to memories of the glory days of Route 66.  The images on this page are intended to capture the feeling of those days.

1000 Rt 66 Billboard

1000 Route 66 Billboard Modified

From 1960 to 1964 there was a TV Series called Route 66.  The general premise was that two guys traveled around the country in their Corvette Convertible and had some excellent adventures.

1001 Amoco

1001 Amoco

1002 Bing's Diner

1002 Bing's Diner

This old service station in Cottonwood has been converted to a 50’s style diner.

1003 Coke Sign

1003 Coke

1004 Bing's Diner Closeup

1004 Bing’s Diner Closeup

1005 Historic Rt 66

1005 Historic Sign

1006 Frontier Gas

1006 Frontier

I’m fairly certain that Frontier was an oil company.

1007 Plymouth

1007 Red Plymouth

Definitely a 50’s model - I would guess 1953.

1008 Mobilgas

1008 Mobilegas Sign

Another Popular Brand of Gas in the 50's

1009 Rt 66 Reflectors

1009 Rt 66 AZ

1010 Texaco

1010 Texaco

1011 Rt 66 AZ Outline

1011 Rt 66 on AZ Outline

1012 Wagon Wheel

1012 Old Wagon Wheel

I thought that it was interesting how they joined the spoke segments together with a steel rim.

1013 Shopping

1013 Shopping Adventure

Curio Shops like this were prevalent when people traveled west in the 50’s and 60’s.  The Interstate highway system was created under the Eisenhower Administration.  Once the highways opened in the 50‘s people began hoping in the family car and traveling to other parts of the country for vacation.  It dramatically changed the way that we spent our time and made us a more mobile society.


Each gallery image on this site has a reference number as well as a name.  By referencing both the name and number, there is less chance of miscommunication - at least with the respect to the image of interest.

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