The four screen captures below will walk you through the process of writing and posting reviews on


1  Go to the page for the book that you want to review and  click on the link to the reviews section of the page.

Book Page

2  Click on the button that says "Create your own review."

If you have never written a review before, Amazon will ask you to create a reviewer profile.  The only information that you need to supply is a name for your reviews.  It can be you real name or a pen name.  Mine is "Creativity Sage."  This seemed like a good name when I created it because I was writing a lot of reviews about books on innovation.  I later wrote my own book on the topic.

Amazon may ask for your contact information and other profile items, but you only need to provide a name -- nothing else.

Review Area


3  The final step is to :

Select a rating, Give your review a title, and write the review.

The form will walk you through the process.  When you have finished writing your review, click on the preview button and see how it looks before posting it.

Write Review

4  When you are happy with your review click on the Publish Review Button.

Preview Review