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Welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

Photography has many purposes and most of them are concerned with some form of documentation.  From photo-journalism to the family album, the main intent is to record what happened.  Fine-art photography is a bit different in that its main intent is to convey a feeling that the artist had in response to the subject of the image created.

Al with Camera The images on this website are varied in subject matter but each image was created with a vision of conveying awe, curiosity, a sense of discovery, or simply an appreciation for beauty.   I created these images because they bring joy into my life.  I hope that they will bring joy to you as well.

Investing in Fine-Art involves a personal relationship between the artist and client.  With that in mind, I have included a page on this site that discuses my biography and how I view my role as an artist.  Another page provides some details about Fine-Art photography that should help you better understand your investment in art even if you are new to the concept of Fine-Art Photography.

With the proliferation of high quality cameras and processes more and more people are taking high quality photos.  Apart from the professional photographer’s knowledge of advanced techniques, the professional will spend hours or even days waiting for just the right circumstances - weather, light, events - to capture an image that conveys something that inspires him or her.  Professionals are out before sunrise and after dark when lighting and weather conditions improve the odds of getting an exceptional image.  Few amateurs have this kind of dedication.  The professional artist sees the image in his or her mind long before he or she finds it in the physical world.  The idea is the first step of the process.  It is followed by a great deal of planning and effort.  Great images often result from bad weather or unusual circumstances presented to a prepared mind.  In most cases, capturing the image is only a small part of the process for the artist. Al shooting the Hug

At one time the dark room was the dividing factor between predictable and exceptional photographs.  Today it is Photoshop.

The great landscape photographers like Ansel Adams worked in Black & White images because they could work wonders in the dark room with such negatives.  Ansel Adams often spent months refining his work in the dark room.  He continued to enhance and modify some of his most famous images throughout his lifetime.  He and most other photographic artists stayed with B&W photography because they couldn’t work the same magic with color film and negatives.  There were no darkroom techniques for color film that gave the artists the same level of control over the image as they had with B&W.  It was not until recently (around 2004) that digital cameras  and Photoshop combined were able to do for color photography what the darkroom did for B&W photography.

Even with better tools, it still comes down to the artist’s vision as to what is created.  Not everyone will like what I or any other artist will do, but that is ok.  With billions of people in the world there will surely be some people who will appreciate what any artist creates.

My hope is that this website will help me to connect with others who are inspired by my vision and view of the world.  If you like what you see on these pages, perhaps you are such a person.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, so please don’t hesitate to send me an email with questions, observations, or concerns.  My sole purpose is to share the joy that I gained from my work with others who might also find joy in those images.  If you are to bring an artist’s energy into your living space, there needs to be a basic level of compatibility between you and the artist.  You don’t need to make a purchase to open a dialog.  The sooner we get to know each other the sooner you will know if my art is right for you.

The images on this site are only the tip of the iceberg.  It is not practical to update the website every time that I have a new image to add, so I will only be updating the site a couple times a year.  If you would like to know about these updates just drop me an email with “update” in the subject line.  Also if you don’t see what you are looking for but like my work, please tell me what you hope to find.  I might just have the perfect image in my archives.

Each gallery image on this site has a reference number as well as a name.  By referencing both the name and number, there is less chance of miscommunication - at least with the respect to the image of interest.

To order prints on Fine-Art Paper or Canvas please contact us at ajudex@hotmail.com